Grumpy Scottish Man

If recent polls are correct it looks like the Conservatives are going to win some seats in Scotland.

This alleged surge in support appears to be mainly from Scottish Labour and Scottish Liberal Democrat voters, if true then some people obviously have no shame. It looks like some people put hatred of the SNP, and their so called love of the Union ahead of things like decency, integrity, honesty, empathy, understanding and fairness.

I have come to realise that here in Scotland there are people who just don’t care. The TORIES don’t care about ordinary people. Their list of hate of the poor is a long one and their love of the rich just as long.

In recent times we have had:

Cuts to social security penalising the poorest and most vulnerable. The rape clause. Changes to Housing Benefit. Record sanctions in Dundee. Food banks. Zero hour contracts. Trident renewal…

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