Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

Half a century after the defeat of England in the War of the Last Hurrah the people of Scotland still live in hope that the secretive and isolationist state to the south will open up and re-join the international community of nations. It may have a long wait.

Fifty years ago today the once mighty island kingdom of Great Britain was divided along the 54th parallel, separating the Republic of Scotland from the People’s Glorious Kingdom of England following the 2018-19 War of the Last Hurrah. After the reunification of Ireland and the rapid secession of Gibraltar and the Channel Islands from the former United Kingdom in mid-August 2018 Downing Street, fearing the loss of its North Sea oil resources, ordered martial law in Scotland – suspending its democracy and devolved parliament three days before the country’s second independence referendum.

On Friday 17 August Nicola…

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