Source: Tories BOW to wealthy antiques dealers and DROP ban on elephant ivory in manifesto


Grumpy Scottish Man

If recent polls are correct it looks like the Conservatives are going to win some seats in Scotland.

This alleged surge in support appears to be mainly from Scottish Labour and Scottish Liberal Democrat voters, if true then some people obviously have no shame. It looks like some people put hatred of the SNP, and their so called love of the Union ahead of things like decency, integrity, honesty, empathy, understanding and fairness.

I have come to realise that here in Scotland there are people who just don’t care. The TORIES don’t care about ordinary people. Their list of hate of the poor is a long one and their love of the rich just as long.

In recent times we have had:

Cuts to social security penalising the poorest and most vulnerable. The rape clause. Changes to Housing Benefit. Record sanctions in Dundee. Food banks. Zero hour contracts. Trident renewal…

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Wee Ginger Dug

There’s a need to do a wee explanation of STV for dummies because there seems to be a lot of confusion about it. Admittedly when you look at a typical Saturday evening’s entertainment on STV and wall to wall Ant and bloody Dec, it’s pretty apparent that they’re pretty good at doing dummies all by themselves. But it’s not that sort of STV I mean. We’re talking about Single Transferable Voting, the voting system used in Scottish local elections.

One of the problems is that in Scotland we use different voting methods in different elections. In Westminster elections it’s first past the post. It’s first past the post in Holyrood constituencies, which are then topped up by the regional vote list in where the d’Hondt method is used. And in elections to the European parliament the entire vote is conducted according to the d’Hondt method. The local elections are determined…

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Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

Half a century after the defeat of England in the War of the Last Hurrah the people of Scotland still live in hope that the secretive and isolationist state to the south will open up and re-join the international community of nations. It may have a long wait.

Fifty years ago today the once mighty island kingdom of Great Britain was divided along the 54th parallel, separating the Republic of Scotland from the People’s Glorious Kingdom of England following the 2018-19 War of the Last Hurrah. After the reunification of Ireland and the rapid secession of Gibraltar and the Channel Islands from the former United Kingdom in mid-August 2018 Downing Street, fearing the loss of its North Sea oil resources, ordered martial law in Scotland – suspending its democracy and devolved parliament three days before the country’s second independence referendum.

On Friday 17 August Nicola…

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